Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flower Power

This week I have been taking lots of micro-gigapans, both focused stacked and not, of flowers found outside my office. When I was outside I noticed that there were at least 8-10 different varieties of small flowers among the grass and was surprised by the diversity and wanted to capture it.

This gigapan was taken of a yellow flower that had been dried, the image is composed of 170 pictures taken through a table top optical microscope. The flower has been magnified ~40x. This image was not focused stacked and is 1.82 gigapixels.

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Here are two other flowers that I have imaged. The red flower is a mosaic of 24 images, each of which was focused stacked with 62 images at various focal points. This means that although the final image is only .16 gigapixels, we took a total of 1488 pictures.

The Purple Flower was just a quick focus stacked mosaic, it is composed of far fewer images than the red flower, and the flower was magnified ~40x.

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