Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting Ready to Print

Using the Gigapan gives you the freedom to select the
aspect ratio, or shape, of you your pictures.

Since you specify the top left and bottom right of your
images you can make them short and wide, tall and narrow,
or anywhere in between.

This freedom is great until it collides with the physical
world with standard size monitors and paper.

Large format printers get paper (or canvas or vinyl) on rolls,
so the fixed factor is the width.

To calculate the length you need to print a Gigapan
on a certain width paper:

Length of Paper = height of paper * gigapan width/gigapan height


I have a 91084 x 17246 Gigapan and I want to print it on 44"
wide paper. So what is the length.

length = 44" * 91084 / 17246 = 232.4" = 19 feet.
232.4" x 44" = 10,225.6 square inches = 71 square feet

There are different rates, but I've been quoted $10 per square foot
to print. That would be $710, so I probably won't be printing that
GigaPan at that size until printing costs come down!

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