Friday, July 10, 2009

NanoGigaPan project works with STAR Participants

The project is currently working with Lisa Adams, a Student Teacher and Researcher (STAR) participant, who is spending the summer at NASA Ames. Adams intends to design five different lesson plans that use Nano Gigapan images to help students more easily grasp and visualize the material. So far we’ve imaged pollen, a pill bug, and a cockroach leg by her request. Hopefully this will help expose school aged children to the world of the small and show them how much is out there that they can’t even see.

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  1. I have just discovered gigapan, where I found your pill bug - and followed it here. Enjoying the images a lot, but am chiefly interested in educational or fun-cational aspects of nano gigapan. To show my child blood cells, and the undersurface of leaves; snowflakes, and crystals, and the dust under our feet in one smooth zoom, wow, exciting. Childhood is a phase of discovery. You can add so much more to it by expanding the scope of vision. Please please do make more of these! In fact I'd go ahead and suggest a Nano-giga kid section :) Mini lesson plans each friday, complete with a few links to sites which have more information about the object scanned, or the science related to it, and a little background information on how you prepared the shots including some colour photos of the object so kids can string it all together... Sigh, what a wonderful resource that would be, even if it was to be a monthly feature rather than weekly! I could help out with the academic research required if you go ahead with this :)